Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter pictures!
Sorry it's been nearly nine months since we've posted anything on Jadyn's blog, but here are the photos Amanda and I took of her in her Easter dress on April 3. The glasses were a new addition back in the fall.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hang out with Daddy Clip 3

This one's a bit longer. As previously mentioned, Jadyn loves aircraft. Over the last several months, we've driven out to our local airport at random times just to see if anything is happening. A number of times, we haven't seen much of anything happening. Sometimes, we strike paydirt. Today's stop was one of these times.
I do some narration along the way.
Hang out with Daddy Clip 2

During Christmas in July, face-painting was also available, so Jadyn picked out what she wanted - including the colors.
Hang out with Daddy Clip 1

Jadyn and I did some running around today. We first stopped at the Christmas in July event in downtown Starkville, Miss., where they had an inflatable fun jump.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Since early on in her childhood, Jadyn has been fascinated with aircraft. She can spot them at night and even catch them before Amanda and I see them. We're not sure when this started, but we don't live that far from an airport and can see planes taking off and landing and we took her to an air show when she was about seven months old. So maybe the comAdd Imagebination's what did it.
Anyway, on May 15, I went to see off some folks taking off from the nearby airport who were leaving on three helicopters bound for Camp Shelby, Miss. as part of a program to take employers to see Guardsmen in pre-deployment training at the facility.
I took Jadyn along. We still talk about it some and she still seems to think it was a cool thing to see.
But the fascination is such that we wonder if she'll be a pilot or even an aeronautical engineer. We hope to help create an environment for her where she'll feel free to pursue such interests.

This image is of one of the three UH-60 Black Hawks. The next two images are of Jadyn positioned in front of one of them and the other is of them taking off!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Prettiness

Just had to show off how stunning our little girl was in her Easter dress. (And yes, that's the same hat and purse from last year. Oh well.)
Play Time

I took Jadyn to the park a few days ago and got pics of her playing. Looking at these makes me realize how fast she's growing up. It's freaking me out a little!

She gets very serious about playing.

Showing how brave she is.

Showing a little attitude because Mommy wants a picture.
(I can see glimpses of the future 13 year old.)

My favorite shot of the day.

My Little China Girl

Jadyn was given a beautiful set of pajamas from China and we thought it fitting to snap some shots of her modeling them.

Doesn't she look happy? (Actually this is her "humoring Mommy" smile.) comfy she drifted off to sleep... (Not really, but isn't she a great actress?)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Just some fun shots...

because we went so long without any.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow Day!

Yeah, it actually finally snowed in Mississippi. We have photographic proof.

Her first glimpse.

Catching snowflakes on her tongue.

Getting a feel for it.

Making her first snowman.

Dusting off her hands.

When I asked Jadyn the name of her snowman, she said, "Cassia." I guess it's a snowgirl.

One cold but happy little girl.

Even Hershey had fun.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Gift from Grandparents

Oma & Opa decided to get Jadyn roller skates, after having heard me regale them with tales of her first experience on wheels. Here's proof that it was a good idea.

No, she's not impersonating Frankenstein. She just got up on her feet after we got her gear on.

She was upright a good amount of the time.

Then sometimes she looked like this.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

So This is Christmas...

Some action shots from this morning's festivities.

Before it all started...

Her first reaction...

Classic pose with her new "axe"

Jamming out!

Our rocking baby!

Hmm, what could this be?

My Dora Roller Skates!!!

Thank you, Oma & Opa!

Look at all this stuff! (AKA The Aftermath)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas photo shoot 2008

Amanda took these photos today for our Christmas photo shoot. These were the best dozen of the bunch. They are posted in order from 1 to 12. We love several of them but the one we're using is No. 6. Enjoy!